Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V

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The latest in the popular GTA series, GTA V is a video game that is available on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. This game is a first-person shooter in which players can explore and do missions for a variety of different gangs and organizations. Players can switch between three protagonists, each with their own talents and abilities.


The visuals in GTA V are superb, with a variety of different landscapes to explore and a huge number of vehicles to utilize. The game has a variety of weather effects and a huge variety of different outfits to wear, which are awarded to the player as they progress through the game. The graphics in this game are some of the best on the market.


The gameplay in GTA V is excellent and is very similar to previous games in the series. The game has a number of different side missions to do as well as the main storyline, which is a vast improvement on GTA IV. There are also a few small changes to the shooting aspect of the game that make it more tactical and there are a lot of new weapons and vehicles to utilize.


The multiplayer in GTA V is enjoyable and is a feature that is a lot of fun to use. The variety of different multiplayer modes is extensive and there is a lot of customization for the players to be able to do. The multiplayer aspect of the game in GTA V is one of the best on the market.


GTA V is very replayable due to the large number of different missions that have to be completed and the number of side-missions that have to be completed. There are a lot of different weapons and vehicles to use and the game has a huge variety of landscapes to explore. The multiplayer aspect of the game is also immense and is a lot of fun to use.


GTA V is a first-person shooter that has a variety of different missions to complete. Players can explore different parts of Los Angeles and will have their own personal skills to utilise. The graphics are excellent and the game has a variety of other features that make it enjoyable. The multiplayer in GTA V is also very fun to use and the variety of different modes is extensive. This game is very replayable due to the number of different missions and side-missions.


Grand Theft Auto V
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