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The House of Da Vinci

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The House of Da Vinci is a hidden object game by Big Fish Game Studios. This game is a puzzle game with a few strategy game pieces. The House of Da Vinci is a game that is set in Renaissance Italy, where Leonardo da Vinci is a genius painter and inventor. The game is set in 1476, which is when Da Vinci was in his prime.


The graphics in this game are stylized and cartoonish. The game is set in a lush and colorful world. The backgrounds have a lot of detail and are very pleasing to the eyes. The character animation is also very good. There are a lot of different animations for the characters, and they are all well done. The graphics are good. They are not too detailed, but they are not blurry either. The game is also not too dark or too bright.


The player must find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and explore the house to find the secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci. There are different endings depending on how the player solves the puzzles.

The game can be played with or without a partner. The puzzles in the game are challenging and the player must stop and think about what they are doing.

The gameplay in this game is mostly made up of hidden object scenes and puzzles. There are not a lot of gameplay mechanics, and the game is easy to navigate. The puzzles in the game are really simple, and the hidden object scenes are well-done and interesting.


The game is not very long, and the puzzles are not very difficult. The game can be completed in a few hours, and is not very replayable.


The House of Da Vinci is a game that is about Leonardo Da Vinci and his life. You get to experience what it would be like to be a young boy growing up in Renaissance Italy. You get to see Leonardo grow up to be a world famous artist, inventor, and mathematician. The House of Da Vinci is a good game for players who enjoy puzzles and adventure games.


The House of Da Vinci The House of Da Vinci
The House of Da Vinci
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